Dewey’s Septic Service


Next to our professional installation, maintenance and repair of your septic system and pipes, Dewey’s Septic Services also provides specialized services for farms, residences and commercial properties- we are experts a new construction installs! Need a new septic system on your property? Call us today- we are prompt and professional technicians that come equipped with the latest tools for the job. We have the right equipment and vehicles, ensuring that the job is always done with skill and precision.

We install new septic systems and drain fields– we can properly design the right layout for your drainage, so you have the septic system that works specifically for your property- We are licensed and insured and can install your septic with the right system and drainage for your topography-ask us today!

We know lift pump installation-When a regular septic system and drainage field have limited space due to the ground topography or issues with available space, a lift pump can be used to move your wastewater to the areas where it is filtered into the soil in a proper manner. If you have a raised bed property or are building in a hilly area, ask us how we can install your lift pump for an effective and proper waste filtering system. Our professionals will answer all your questions and provide you with a solution for your property- call for an appointment!

Need a portable restroom? We have them for rent, and will deliver on-site for you- Ask us all about our rental services which include handicap portables and portable sinks. We provide high quality, clean and sanitized portable restrooms for constructions sites and events. Call us today and we can help you decide how many portable units you require, length of the rental time and schedule your delivery right away!

Line Jetting- We provide specialized line jetting for your pipes- when your piles get buildup from grease, sediments or debris, we can clear your lines with line jetting technology. We blast high pressure water through the lines to break up anything that is holding on or blocking your pipes. Whether it’s your home or your business we can clear your pipes efficiently and effectively to keep things moving as they should. Call us for an appointment today- our technicians can get the job done at competitive rates and with expert precision.